brand-new Samsung Galasy s10 5g 256gb SM-G977N Factory Unlocked
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brand-new Samsung Galasy s10 5g 256gb SM-G977
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Product Info:
brand-new Samsung Galasy s10 5g 256, 512gb SM-G977N
Factory Unlocked

limited in stock

Other Details will be updated after being released

Some of region can't send by Fedex.
In this case, we need to cancel an order and send a full refund because of Lithium battery issues.

Import taxes and charges are the buyer's responsibility.

please consider before making payment for this item

Please check with your your country's customs office to determine these fees.
Please note before buying this phone ???????
This phone is only compatible with GSM carriers such as AT&T, T-Mobile and its MVNO.

Not compatible with CDMA carriers like Verizon, Sprint and its MONO. Please check this point before buying.

If your selected color is not available after being released officially, we will contact with you through eBay message.

* Samsung Pay is pre-installed but it is not available out of South Korea.

* This phone is a Korean version but factory unlocked.

So you can use it worldwidely simply by inserting your sim card into a phone. Please check its 3G, 4G frequency.

* You can change its language to whatever you want on the first screen during setting it up.

* This is a Korean version (SK Telecom) so some carrier's applications are pre-installed and not removable.

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