Buyer Info

Import Steps For Business Man.

1. Buyer offer
Buyer can list their requirements in our website,so seller can ask buyer. Buyer also can ask seller who list their products in our website directly.After talk with seller,buyer can give offer to seller and fill the price, prepay payment,agreement and the time that seller can get money from website in the offer. When seller saw buyer's offer,seller can accept it or revise this offer, seller also can compare self price with other seller's price for this offer.

2. Buyer pay prepay fees to bid711 as deposite.

After seller accept buyer's offer, buyer can pay his prepay fees to bid711 as deposite.When seller see buyer paid the prepay fees, seller should ship the goods to buyer according to their agreement in the offer.

3. Seller withdraw deposite to self money account.

When withdraw deposite time coming, seller can withdraw the deposite to self money account. Before the withdraw deposite time, buyer can open the refund case if seller didn't ship the goods or the goods are not good as the agreement standard,bid711 will judge the case according to the agreement which is written in the offer.

Personal Buyer's Shopong Steps

1.Ask some questions to Seller by our website message.

After buyer login our website, they can ask Seller any question by our website message.

2. Place the order and pay it by Paypal for one product,our website will keep your payment for 180 days if you pay by Paypal, after 180 days, seller can get money to their bank.

3 .You also can add the product to your shopping cart if you want to buy serveral products, You can select same seller's products from the shopping cart and make an order for them together.

4.Pay your order by Paypal.
When you click menu "Order Management",you can find your order,please pay it by Paypal.If you want change your order's price,please write message to seller, seller can do it for you.

5.Seller shipped the item to your Paypal address .

6.When seller's get money time coming, seller can get the money to their money account. Buy or Sell Online Without the Fear of Fraud 网站备案许可证号: 京ICP备10214850号-5 京公网安备11010502026097

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